my personal favorite yoga classes and exercise recommendations

  1. Alo yoga/alo moves: My most favorite way to exercise online! Alo yoga is a clothing brand that has taken their platform and allowed for their customers to be able to practice from the comfort of their own home. What I love most about the videos is that they offer a free version and a paid subscription for about only $120 a year (or $17-20 a month depending on the subscription you choose). I often use the free YouTube videos because I go to studios around my area as well, but the videos offer a wide range of power style classes from anywhere to 30-60 minutes, or meditation and yin classes as well. The paid subscription does offer a variety of different style of classes as well, along with meditation classes, series and more.
  2. Pamela Reif: Pamela Reif is an individual trainer that makes anywhere from 5-30 minute videos, focusing on separate parts of the body to work or full body workouts as well. She varies from yoga classes, “Good Morning” stretches, classes with or without gym equipment and more. What I love most about these videos of the accessibility of them. They are short and sweet and easy to do anywhere. I often do them in the middle of a yoga flow (for instance, a 10 minute ab workout) or at the end of a sequence (like a quick stretch). You do not have to pay for any video on her page, so you can pull them up on any device anytime and anywhere!
  3. Sjana Elise: If you are familiar with her, you know her love for life is absolutely radiant (maybe sometimes overbearing, but I’m doing some breathing exercises to get over it lol). I follow Sjana mostly on instagram, where she posts many flows of IGTV, but she does have a couple on her YouTube page as well. What I love most about her page is that she not only posts yoga flows, but lifestyle posts as well including food and clothing hauls, guided meditation, vegan recipes and more! She offers a very well-rounded platform to go to for healthy lifestyles and tips. 

Like I said, I normally stick to studios around my area for a regular practice, but with life always getting in the way I want to find more ways to incorporate home practices into my routine. Share with me some of your favorites!

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